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Sen. Mary Landrieu

Fighting for Louisiana

Mary LandrieuSenator Mary Landrieu is motivated every day by the people who make up the heart and soul of Louisiana.  Small business owners and employees, veterans and military families, ministers, seniors and children make up the communities that Senator Landrieu fights for every day.  She never backs down while working for the people of her state.

Senator Landrieu has dedicated her entire career to serving the people of Louisiana.  Soon after graduating from Louisiana State University, Senator Landrieu went door-to-door to win an opportunity to serve her community in the state legislature.  At 23, she became the youngest woman ever elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives.  Since her first day at the state capitol, Senator Landrieu has stood up for Louisiana families, and she never gives up when fighting on behalf of Louisiana.

As State Treasurer, Senator Landrieu fought to break up backroom, sweetheart deals and put tax dollars to work for the people of Louisiana.  When the politicians told her it couldn’t be done, she just fought until she won.  She created the Louisiana Asset Management Pool (LAMP) for local governments, the START college savers program for families and the Bank at School program for students.  She reformed the State Bond Commission, putting the state’s banking contracts out to bid to save taxpayer money.   During her eight years as State Treasurer, Senator Landrieu always put the public interest ahead of special interests.

Securing Our Fair Share

securing our fair shareIn the United States Senate, Senator Landrieu has fought and won significant battles on behalf of the people of Louisiana.  For 60 years, Louisiana was denied its fair share of federal revenues collected from oil and gas exploration off the Gulf Coast.  Senator Landrieu fought a ten-year, bruising battle to secure revenue sharing on the outer continental shelf for the first time in the state’s history.

This single action means as much as $40 billion to secure our coast and build a world class hurricane protection system for all of south Louisiana.  It was the first time in 25 years that the federal government opened new offshore areas to oil and gas production, and it helps move America toward energy independence and lower gas prices.

A Bipartisan Leader in the Senate

Senator Landrieu believes that Louisiana’s best interest should always trump partisan politics, and she has been named among the most bipartisan members of the U.S. Senate.  National Journal called her the ”Center of the Senate.”  Congressional Quarterly has rated her as the second-most independent Democrat in the Senate, and named her ”one of [her] party’s most prominent moderates.”

She has fought and won significant battles on behalf of the people of Louisiana with a Republican President in office and a Democratic President in office.  She has gotten the job done with Republicans in control of Congress and with Democrats in control.  She gets things done by never giving up, and she works with Republicans, Democrats and Independents to do what’s right for Louisiana.

Delivering for Louisiana Communities

delivering for louisianaAs a member of the Senate Appropriations, Homeland Security, Energy and Small Business Committees, Senator Landrieu is able to deliver for Louisiana.  In 2001, when the President cut funding for an assembly line in Slidell that produced armored security vehicles to protect our troops from insurgent attacks, Senator Landrieu used her position on the Appropriations Committee to secure federal funding to keep the factory running and our troops safe.

In 2007, Senator Landrieu secured $12 billion for Louisiana in a single day.  The funding will go to levees, defense projects and rebuilding grants for families struggling to rebuild their homes after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

She has taken on FEMA when the agency stood in the way of Louisiana’s recovery.  She has stood up to the Army Corps of Engineers to remove red tape and build levees faster.  She has secured billions of dollars for the state’s recovery, critical infrastructure, schools, hospitals and levees.  She has delivered for communities throughout Louisiana.

She is a leader on energy issues in the Senate.  As our country searches for a stronger, more secure energy policy, Senator Landrieu led a resurgence of nuclear power in the country, expansion of domestic refining capacity and promotion of new fuels for the future, which will significantly reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources and create jobs right here at home.


Senator Landrieu is the daughter of Moon and Verna Landrieu and the oldest of nine children.  She is married to Frank Snellings of Monroe, and they have two children: Connor and Mary Shannon.

With 36 nieces and nephews, Senator Landrieu never has a shortage of campaign volunteers.


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