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WASHINGTON, DC — Louisiana Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson issued the following statement in response to Louisiana GOP Chair Villere’s outrageous attack on Senator Landrieu and Vice President Joe Biden. This ridiculous and dishonest attack comes not 24 hours after our country and our Congress came together to host the inauguration of President Obama and Vice President Biden for their second term.

“Louisiana has hosted Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States of both parties and has always made them feel welcomed regardless of people’s views on different subjects of importance. It would be a sad day for such a respected and distinguished person as Vice President Joe Biden to feel unwelcome in our state, particularly after all this Administration has done to help the people of Louisiana.

“After just leaving our nation’s capitol to witness real, meaningful coming together of both political parties to honor our form of government, it is sad that the Louisiana GOP Chair would be this inhospitable and completely wrong on so many points… and we wonder why things don’t get done in Washington.”