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Democrat Forest Wright Qualifies to Run for District 2 PSC Seat

Democrat Forest Wright signs his qualifying papers as a candidate for the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

Democrat Forest Wright signs his qualifying papers as a candidate for the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

Forest Wright qualified to run for Public Service Commissioner at the Secretary of State’s office in Baton Rouge on Friday, August 17, 2012 at 10am. He will be running as a Democrat for the Second District seat being vacated by Commissioner Jimmy Field who decided to retire rather than seek re-election. Mr. Wright is a seasoned energy policy professional who brings expertise, independence, and a proven commitment to protecting the interests of all Louisiana ratepayers.

“The impact of high energy bills on Louisiana’s families and businesses will be the critical issue in this race. The budget of every household and the bottom line of every business is directly impacted by all decision, good or bad, made by the Public Service Commission. With years of direct experience and a clear vision for our energy future, I know what it takes to lower energy bills for everyone in Louisiana; and if elected, I will be unwavering in my efforts to reduce the burden of high energy costs while boosting economic prosperity in our communities.”

Never before has a challenging PSC candidate had the level of essential qualifications in energy policy and utility regulation expertise that I bring. Never before has a candidate’s background and priorities been more closely matched to the duties of a Public Service Commissioner. I am not a typical politician motivated by a desire to advance his own personal political ambitions; I fundamentally stand for public service, which it the true intent of this job. Never before has a candidate had more integrity in maintaining his independence and the ethical standards necessary for this position, while committing not to accept corrupting campaign contributions from the companies the PSC regulates.”

“And if I am elected, NEVER AGAIN will Louisiana families and businesses be left paying the price of misplaced political ambition while their hard earned money is thrown away on bad decisions that benefit the utility companies and not the public.”

“I will vigorously pursue a broad range of strategies to lower energy bills by requiring greater transparency on utility rate hike requests, insisting that expensive new projects be analyzed against less costly alternatives, and by advancing a set of new policies that have been proven to reduce customer costs across the country.”

“Louisiana’s largest and most affordable new energy resource will come from utility-scale energy efficiency programs, which remains untapped at the PSC and largely explains why Louisiana has among the nation’s highest energy bills. I bring a wealth of expertise for capturing cost-effective efficiency opportunities and if elected will ensure that all Louisiana customers reap the benefits. It’s what people want, they deserve it, and if I am your Commissioner we will have it.”

Mr. Wright is well-versed on the major issues currently before the Louisiana Public Service Commission. He served with the Alliance for Affordable Energy from 2005-2011 and now provides his energy policy services as a consultant. As an energy policy leader in Louisiana, Forest Wright has frequently advocated before the Public Service Commission on the need for greater transparency and public accountability, and the economic benefits of regulations that promote energy efficiency for consumers.

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Originally published: Aug 17, 2012