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Meet Third District Democratic Congressional Candidate Ron Richard

Ron-Richard-e1345234228120Lake Charles Democrat and attorney Ron Richard qualified to run for the Third District Congressional seat today in Baton Rouge. The district is a newly combined district consisting of parts of the now gone Seventh District and part of the old Third District. Those seats are currently held by Republicans. Ron Richard has taken on the task of reclaiming the seat for the working men and women of South Louisiana.

Who is Ron Richard?

Here’s his biography.


After high school, Ron attended the University of Houston, graduating with a B.A. in History in 1993.  Ron worked as a waiter at Byron’s catering in Lake Charles his first two summers of college.  He was fortunate to begin working for the law firm of Hofheinz and London (Fred Hofheinz was former mayor of Houston).  This job ultimately culminated in Ron running Houston Investigative Services, Inc., during his last few years of college.  It was more than 40 hours weekly while carrying a full load in college but the experience was invaluable.

He attended LSU law school, graduating in 1996.  He spent his first year after law school clerking for the 14th Judicial District Court.  He founded Richard Law Firm, LLC in 1997 and has been the managing member ever since.  His practice has always focused on representing working men and women injured by the negligence of others.  A small part of his practice is criminal law.  Mr. Richard has always viewed his role as a “law enforcement” lawyer; upholding the laws of our great state and federal constitutions.

Over the years, Ron has handled numerous high profile cases, including toxic releases affecting thousands of persons to the recent infamous case of “The Dirty Doctor”.  The “Dirty Doctor” case involved a local ob/gyn who allegedly took thousands of photographs of his patients without their knowledge or consent.  Ron was a lead lawyer in the litigation to strip the Dirty Doctor of his wealth and compensate the women affected.  He recently helped end the litigation against the doctor’s insurers, resulting in monies to assist the Women’s Shelter and the Sexual Assault Response Team.  Ron is proud of his years of efforts on behalf of working men and women through the law.  He is proud of his representation of small business men and women in Lake Charles.  As owner of a small business, he relates to their daily needs and goals.

Ron is a member of the Louisiana and Texas Bar Associations; the Louisiana Association of Justice; Southwest Louisiana Bar Association; and co-Chair of the LSBA Community Action Committee.


Ron was born January  13, 1969, the last of five children to Ronald and Thelma Richard.   His siblings are Layne, Don, Gwen and Kay.  He attended LaGrange Senior HIgh School, graduating in 1987.  He is  proud to have been raised in the First Pentecostal Church of Lake Charles, where he is a  life-long member.  He was fortunate to spend his youthful summers at the Pentecostal Campgrounds in Tioga, where he met his first love there and the hot days on the ballfield and the nightly preaching shaped his life and world-view.

Ron’s older brothers were both ardent hunters, especially coon and squirrel and they instilled in him a love of the outdoors at a young age.  Many mornings were spent with Don learning the importance of the “quiet” time awaiting dawn in the woods; and crazy nights were spent with Layne treeing coons.

Ron’s grandfather founded Richard Plumbing, which is still in business today.  Ron grew up working with his father plumbing, remodeling and preparing houses to sell.  He spent his high school years mowing yards.  His yard-mowing success drew friends to work with him and his team.

Ron’s father was a union operator at the Cit-Con facility in Sulphur.  Mr. Richard retired from Cit-Con after 40 years of service.  He maintained a real estate license and business through those many years.  He would work graveyard shifts at Cit-Con and then sell real estate and remodel properties during the day.  Ron obtained his work ethic from his father.

Ron’s mother, Thelma, was the backbone of the family, due to Mr. Richard’s work efforts.  Thelma raised the children, loved them, whipped them, and prepared them for life.  It is a tribute to her that she raised 5 independent, successful children.

Both of Ron’s brothers are welders.  Don works in Lake Charles.  Layne is a union pipeline welder out of the Oklahoma local.  Gwen is an attorney in Houston, a partner in the Godwin Ronquillo firm and Kay works in the Conroe Family Medical Clinic.

Both Ron’s maternal grandfather and great grandfather were initial members helping found the Longshoreman’s Union in Lake Charles.  They worked at the docks there.  His nephews continue in that tradition as union firemen in Calcasieu Parish.

Ron is the proud father of four beautiful children; Dallen (10); Lola (6); Sophia (5); and Cole (3).  They all attend First Baptist Christian Academy in Moss Bluff.


Ron is well aware of the trials and tribulations facing those with health issues.  From an early age he dealt with stomach illness  that went undiagnosed until he was 18 years old.  Finally, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  He not only fought this disease throughout his childhood, he endured it in college; even missing 2 semesters due to hospitalizations.  As recently as last year, Ron was hospitalized due to colon perforation, resulting in colon surgery.   He knows what it is like to get up and go to work when ill.

He is also familiar with the pain of being a victim of crime.  At the age of 17, when racial tensions were high at school, Ron suffered a severe beating by a gang.  To this day, he carries the reminders of 8 false teeth from the blows of pipes and brass knuckles.  He knows what it is like to have to fight for his life.  As recently as a few years ago, Ron dealt with the violation of thieves stealing from his ranch.  A couple of “meth-heads” broke into his hunting camp and stole thousands of dollars in high powered rifles and hunting equipment.  Ron saw to it that they were captured and prosecuted.  He appreciates the hard work of our law enforcement officers.


Ron is an ardent outdoorsman, maintaining a hunting ranch on Lacassine Bayou (Ranch Richard) and a camp on the gulf in Cameron Parish.  Spending time in the woods and on the water with his children is his hobby.  From bear hunting in Canada, Elk hunting in Colorado, to coyote hunting with his children in Lacassine, Ron loves being in the wild.  Having his children grow up hunting and fishing and simply being out in God’s natural beauty is a mission to him


In addition to involvement in his church, Ron and Richard Law Firm are constantly involved in charitable endeavors.  As his mother (and the Bible) taught him, “to whom much is given, much is required”.  Food drives saving pantries, back to school efforts providing supplies for needy children, providing scholarships to send children to church camp, etc. are all part of those efforts.  Come Hell or High Water, these efforts will continue.

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Originally published: Aug 17, 2012