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Mitt Romney’s Gated America


You’ve probably heard about the things Mitt Romney said about you and the tens of millions of other Americans who are supporting President Barack Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket this November.

You know, the stuff he told a group of $50,000 per seat contributors in Florida about Democrats and Obama supporters all being on the government dole? He didn’t know he was being recorded. But, this is what he thinks of about half of the people he wants to govern.

He stated that 47% of Americans do not pay taxes and that those people are the only people backing President Obama. Here are Romney’s words: “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Have you ever heard any presidential candidate speak with such contempt about the people in whose name he wants to govern? Add to that the fact that he’s just plain wrong.

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Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote about Romney’s comment:

Actually, if you look at the facts, you learn that the great bulk of those who pay no income tax pay other taxes; also, many of the people in the no-income-tax category are (a) elderly (b) students or (c) having a bad year, having lost a job – that is, they’re people who have paid income taxes in the past and/or will pay income taxes in the future. The idea that half of Americans are just grifters is grotesque.

Who’s not paying taxes? The elderly. Students. Those who’ve had a bad year. Romney lumps those together into some kind of parasitic class that is dragging the country down. Imagine the policies he has in store for us if he’s elected President!

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Mitt Romney is out of touch. He’s led a life sheltered from the struggles shared by so many of us by virtue of the wealth that he inherited from his father and the wealth he accumulated during his career as “a vulture capitalist” — that’s what his fellow Republicans called him. At Bain Capital, Romney built his wealth by swooping down on struggling companies, sucking up the assets, shipping jobs overseas and walking off with the money.

Mitt Romney does not know the lives of real Louisianans. And, he does not care about you. Stand up to Romney and his wealthy backers to make sure he never gets to be President and act on his ideas.

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Originally published: Sep 18, 2012