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State Senator and LDP Chair Karen Carter Peterson Statement after Mitt Romney’s New Orleans Fundraiser

New Orleans, LA — While Mitt Romney holds a fundraiser in New Orleans, State Senator and Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson released the following statement.

KCP-Head-wNameTitle“The voters in Louisiana do face a very stark choice in this election, between moving the country forward or returning to the same failed policies of the past,” said State Senator and Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson.  “We see President Obama’s commitment to American families every single day – from signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law, to investing in STEM education, and building an economy that lasts.

“In the private sector, Romney’s priority was to maximize profits for himself and his investors, at whatever cost to workers.  Romney often loaded companies with debt, laid off workers, and shipped jobs overseas.  He walked away with a fortune, while middle-class families were left to suffer.

“As Governor, Massachusetts students saw their classrooms get more crowded while teachers got laid off.  By his second year as governor, Romney had already forced Massachusetts schools to take the second-largest percentage cuts, per pupil, in the country.  He would do the same to our children’s education, putting budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthiest ahead of good schools and affordable higher education.”

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Originally published: Aug 21, 2012