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In 2012, Women Tell it “Like it Is!” by G. Denise Dupree

G. Denise Dupree

G. Denise Dupree

51% of the United States is made up of sisters, wives, mothers, aunties, nieces, and daughters yet women are misrepresented in many aspects of life such as elected officials, business owners, CEOs and medical professionals. Women obtain college degrees at higher rates than men yet only make up 5% of executive level positions in the United States.

Women have made great strides in asking for equal rights and when denied great strides are made to take what is deserved.

Growing up in a 2 parent household my father was always the bread winner although my mother had more education and as a child. This always seemed backwards to me, however, it wasn’t until I was older that I realized my mother was really the boss because she managed to maintain a full time career, discipline all 3 of her children and put dinner on the table by 6 pm. Now tell me again why she shouldn’t be an executive?… I think she could handle it!

Dem-voicesThe 2012 election proved that women were not to be 2nd class citizens as the Republican Party advocated to permanently enshrine their second class citizenship into legislation.  Issues were brought up that had long been settled by Congress and the Supreme Court such as equal pay and reproductive choice.

If the Republican Party really cared about the well-being of women, then I think a better law would be to sterilize men making a working class income however demonstrating a pattern of behavior relative to deadbeat fathers. The catch is, only women can write the bill! I mean it’s only fair.

Why was this all of a sudden an issue and why was a male dominated forum making decisions regarding a woman’s body?  That’s like my OBGYN balancing the federal budget. I couldn’t believe that my vagina was a voting issue in the election of 2012 almost 100 years after women demanded the right to vote people are mad that woman had the audacity to bring up equal pay and access to affordable healthcare and birth control.  You’re damn Skippy darling!

I’m not going through years and years of college and working entry level positions in my career for men to mandate I make 75 cents to every dollar a man makes or that I shouldn’t have access to healthcare.  Well women had a lot to say about that on November 6th when President Obama was re-elected along with a record number of Democratic CongressWOMEN.

So just remember that the next time politics gets in the way of women, we have a way of shutting that whole thing down.


 G. Denise Dupree is a Senior, Political Science student at Louisiana State University. As a longtime member of Democratic Women of Greater Baton Rouge, Denise has been an outstanding pro-activist in her community. To contact Denise, send an email to

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Originally published: Nov 26, 2012