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Statement from Louisiana Democratic Party on Jindal’s Address to Legislators

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Democratic Party released the following statement from Chair Karen Carter Peterson in response to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s announcement today that he is abandoning his tax proposal:

“Over the past five years, Bobby Jindal has been so irresponsible that members of his own party are suing to stop him from playing fast and loose with the state budget.

“Today the Governor offered an even more irresponsible plan, blowing a $2 billion hole in the state’s balance sheet, with no plan for replacing those dollars. With this proposal Jindal and Louisiana Republicans are endorsing nothing less than total devastation for our kids’ schools, our roads and bridges and access to affordable health care.

“Once again Bobby Jindal is putting his national aspirations ahead of what’s best for Louisiana. This tax proposal is simply more pandering to Beltway conservatives, not a real plan to help Louisiana’s working families.”