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Bill Cassidy Conveniently Forgets He Voted to Eliminate Delta Regional Authority

BATON ROUGE — During his visit to Ouachita Terminals Intermodal Facility in West Monroe yesterday, Bill Cassidy conveniently forgot to tell officials and residents that he voted for the Republican Study Committee budget that would eliminate the Delta Regional Authority (DRA). The Authority provides critical economic support to Northeast Louisiana and across 56 parishes that serve 3.5 million people in Louisiana.

DRA has awarded $533,000 to the Greater Ouachita Port Commission during several project cycles for project development and port security to improve operations at the inland container port. The funds have also been used to develop the Ouachita terminals in Ouachita Parish.

“Bill Cassidy said he was ‘trying to get a sense of the economy’ in Northeast Louisiana by visiting Ouachita Port yesterday. Maybe he’ll go back and ‘look into’ how his vote for the Republican Study Committee budget would eliminate the Delta Regional Authority, which provides critical funding to help the Ouachita Port keep commerce moving,” said Kirstin Alvanitakis, communications director for the Louisiana Democratic Party. “He has a lot of homework to do on his votes hurting Louisiana’s families, businesses and economy when he gets back to Congress. Sadly, we are finding out more and more each day about Bill Cassidy voting for politics over people.”