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HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY: Cassidy Backs Obamacare If It Means A Good Photo Op

Penned Op-Ed Slamming Affordable Care Act Day Before Photo Op Celebrating $500K ACA Grant in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE — Just 24 hours after blasting the Affordable Care Act in an op-ed, Bill Cassidy got caught with his hands on the scissors at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in October 2012 “celebrating” a $500,000 grant for three health centers in East Baton Rouge Parish that was funded by the health care law.

Cassidy is one of several hypocritical Republicans The Nation revealed in a news report today. Cassidy has made a career out of partisan political grandstanding against ACA, calling the law “disastrous” and a “bad deal.”

“Bill Cassidy’s decision to support the Affordable Care Act when it means a good photo op and then campaign against it when the cameras are off is exactly the kind of partisan political hypocrisy that Louisianians are tired of. He must be confused whether or not he supports the law,” said Kirstin Alvanitakis, communications director for the Louisiana Democratic Party. “If Bill Cassidy truly believes that the Affordable Care Act is a ‘bad deal,’ why does he smile for the cameras at ribbon-cuttings announcing hundreds of thousands of dollars for Louisiana that we received because of the new health care law?”

Cassidy posed for the following ribbon-cutting photo op to celebrate the Affordable Care Act project:

The day before attending the event celebrating the Affordable Care Act, Cassidy penned an op-ed slamming the law and its provision to expand access to Medicaid health insurance.