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Louisiana Democratic Party Statement on Override Session

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson today released the following statement on a majority of state legislators supporting a special session to overturn Gov. Bobby Jindal’s line-item vetoes of funding for programs that help people with disabilities and their families, domestic violence programs and children’s health clinics:

“The people of Louisiana owe a huge debt to House Democratic Chair John Bel Edwards and Legislative Black Caucus Chair Katrina Jackson for their hard work in persuading 67 of their House colleagues to support a veto session that would have restored the devastating cuts Gov. Jindal made to programs that help some of our most vulnerable citizens. While the Senate numbers ultimately fell short, that does not diminish what we accomplished in the House.

“I thank all of the 80 senators and representatives — Republican and Democrat — who held their ballots. At the end of the day, we came closer to achieving a veto session than any Louisiana Legislature in recent times. This bipartisan consensus, along with the groundswell of citizen action on this critical issue, speaks well for Louisiana’s future as more and more of our citizens reject Jindal’s agenda.”

The following legislators did not return their ballots and supported a veto session:

House (67 out of 105)

Abramson, Neil C.

Anders, John F. “Andy”

Armes, James K.

Arnold, Jeffery “Jeff” J.

Badon, Austin

Barrow, Regina

Berthelot, John A.

Bishop, Wesley T.

Broadwater, Christopher

Brossett, Jared

Burns, Timothy G.

Burrell, Roy

Carmody, Thomas

Carter, Stephen F.

Connick, Patrick

Cox, Kenny R.

Edwards, John Bel

Foil, Franklin J.

Franklin, A B

Gaines, Randal L.

Geymann, Brett F.

Gisclair, Jerry

Greene, Hunter

Guillory, Mickey J.

Harrison, Joe

Havard, Kenneth E.

Henry, Cameron

Hill, Dorothy Sue

Honoré, Dalton

Hunter, Marcus L.

Huval, Mike

Jackson III, Girod

Jackson, Katrina R.

James, Edward C.

Jefferson, Patrick O.

Johnson, Robert A.

Jones, Sam

Lambert, Eddie J.

Landry, Nancy

Landry, Terry

LeBas, H. Bernard

Leger, Walt III

Lopinto, Joseph P.

Miller, Gregory A.

Montoucet, Jack

Moreno, Helena

Morris, James

Norton, Barbara M.

Ortego, Stephen J.

Pearson, J. Kevin

Pierre, Vincent J.

Pope, J. Rogers

Price, Edward J.

Pylant, Steve E.

Reynolds, Eugene

Richard, Jerome

Ritchie, Harold L.

Robideaux, Joel C.

Schroder, John M.

Smith, Patricia Haynes

St. Germain, Karen Gaudet

Talbot, Kirk

Thibaut, Major

Thierry, Ledricka

Williams, Alfred C.

Williams, Patrick

Willmott, Thomas P.

Senate (13 of 39)

Dan Claitor

Page Cortez

A.G. Crowe

Dale M. Erdey

Rick Gallot

Eric LaFleur

Fred H. Mills, Jr.

Jean-Paul J. Morrell

Ben Nevers

Jonathan “J.P.” Perry

Karen Carter Peterson

Gary Smith

Rick Ward, III