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While House Republicans Vote to Repeal Affordable Care Act for 38th Time, President Obama Shows How Louisianians Are Already Seeing the Benefits

New Report Shows How Millions of Americans Are Benefiting From Affordable Care Act

BATON ROUGE —  This week Democrats on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce released a new report showing how the Affordable Care Act is already benefiting millions of Americans all across the country and right here in Louisiana, while House Republicans — including each Republican member of the Louisiana delegation — voted to repeal the law for the 38th time.

“During a week in which the Republican-controlled House voted for the 38th time to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, they can’t hide from the fact that millions of Americans are already benefiting from the law,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson. “Instead of working with President Obama and Democrats to make sure this historic health insurance reform provides better benefits and lowers costs, Republicans chose yet again to turn back the clock on middle-class families.

“Make no mistake, Republicans’ real goal is to return to the days of letting seniors pay more for prescription drugs, forcing kids off of their parents’ insurance plans before they turn 26, and denying people coverage because of a pre-existing condition. It’s time Republicans stop playing partisan games and start working on legislation that will actually help working Americans. They need to stop standing with insurance companies and start standing with Louisiana families.”

You can read the report, with Affordable Care Act facts and figures for each congressional district, here: