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ICYMI — Bill Cassidy Being “Deliberative” On How To Best Hide His Positions

BATON ROUGE –– While Republicans are threatening to shut down the government and throw the economy into chaos, Bill Cassidy refuses to say if he supports these efforts.

“The only thing Bill Cassidy is ‘deliberative’ about when it comes to issues that affect middle-class families is that he is deliberately not taking a stand,” said Kirstin Alvanitakis, communications director for the Louisiana Democratic Party.

When asked about shutting down the government, Cassidy told The Advocate this weekend that he was being “deliberative” on the issue and refused to take a position, dodging the question by stating it was mostly being debated in the Senate — the legislative body Cassidy is running to join.

“If Bill Cassidy is going to ask for Louisianians’ votes, he should have the courage of his convictions and tell the people of Louisiana where he stands on these critical issues,” said Alvanitakis. “Bill Cassidy needs to learn he can’t keep hiding from voters and hope no one notices. Two months ago, Bill Cassidy was asked about a flat tax and told Louisianians he’d get back to them. Two months later, we’re still waiting.”

After Cassidy signed a petition in support of a flat tax, Cassidy told The Advocate, “My statement is not predicated on that [flat tax] debate. I will make a statement on that when I’ve researched that more.” Republican Senate candidate Rob Maness, who has also confirmed his support for shutting down the government, has endorsed a flat tax.