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The Affordable Care Act is working for Louisiana and helping thousands of Louisianians get covered. Are you one of them?

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Tierney Brinkman, a New Orleans waitress, says that the Affordable Care Act helped her get coverage for the first time in 10 years. She’s been unable to find coverage previously because of a pre-existing condition, a lump on her breast and a family history of breast cancer, she said. As a result, Brinkman said, she went without coverage, terrified she’d get sick without the ability to get testing and life-saving treatment required. Brinkman said she’s been able to get a policy under the Affordable Care Act’s health exchange for $108 a month, with a low deductible, thanks, in part to a government subsidy.

Hank shared his ACA story, and is thrilled that not only does he have health insurance, but because of the much lower cost was able to get dental coverage as well.


Jane shared her story, saying “Before, I was paying 50 percent of my income toward health care and getting NOTHING for it due to a high deductible. Now I can afford to go to the doctor and get services.” She also let us know that she’s saving thousands of dollars thanks to her new plan’s low deductible, reasonable prescription drug prices, and lower out-of-pocket cost.


Wardean is a preschool teacher from Shreveport, and she got covered at Mayor Cedric Glover’s #GetCoveredShreveport event. She is now paying $41 a month for her premiums.


Ben struggled with medical bills and a pre-existing condition before he got covered under the Affordable Care Act. Here’s his story: “My health has been great my entire life, until the summer of 2012 when I suffered the most horrible experience with kidney stones. The total of my bills exceeded $45,000 because I was uninsured. When I applied for coverage I was denied by every single insurance provider, due to a pre-existing illness. I was able to get coverage through the first stage of Obamacare/ACA via the PCIP plan, and now I am fully covered thanks to President Obama and the ACA.”


Kim shared her story, saying, “In January 2013, my husband and I retired and remained on his former employer’s health insurance for 2013. In November, my doctors determined I needed a double bypass, which I had and have made a full recovery. Without the pre-existing condition discrimination ban, I very likely would not have been able to purchase insurance on my own for the new year. Because of ACA, I was able to purchase an affordable individual plan and did not have to be subjected to intrusive health questions or the anxiety of being rejected because of my bypass operation. And I was able to stay on the course of retirement my husband and I had planned for some years.”


Donald shared his story and said that thanks to the Affordable Care Act, he’s saved hundreds of dollars on prescription medications.


Adrian shared his ACA story with us, saying “I am so happy for ACA because it allowed me to leave a job that offered no upward mobility. The only reason I stayed there was the inability to acquire coverage for my wife’s preexisting health issues. Now I am free to grow with my own business, and my former employer is free from finding excuses not to promote me.”


Julia shared her ACA story with us, saying, “I recently went to the marketplace, and the experience was positive beyond all my expectations. I got a nice customer service representative on the line immediately who walked me through the entire process. The end result is that I now have full coverage, a $400 deductible, and am saving over $200 a month! Thank you, Mr. President, for passing the Affordable Care Act!”


Ken had a pre-existing condition that made him uninsurable at any price, but now he has coverage. Click here to read Ken’s story.


Debra Rosenthal, a Baton Rouge beautician, said she had coverage but because of a pre-existing condition the costs of coverage would increase every year “to the point it was in the stratosphere.” Rosenthal said she checked out her options through the health insurance exchange. “I have since gotten insurance and been able to use it and I’m saving about $650 a month over what I had been paying,” she said. “I’m so excited I’m jumping up and down on the inside. It’s unbelievable. I don’t see how anyone can say it’s not a good thing,” Rosenthal said.


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Open enrollment on the Health Insurance Marketplace at is now closed for 2014.

Click here for information on getting covered outside the open enrollment period.

The open enrollment period for coverage to start next year will begin on Nov. 15.

Small businesses can apply any time for coverage for their employees. Click here for more information.