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SHOT/CHASER: Bill Cassidy Voted Against Ensuring Social Security, Medicare & Troops Would Still be Paid In Event Of Shutdown His Vote Will Lead To

SHOT: Despite Voting For A Shutdown, Bill Cassidy Claimed He Was Worried That It Could Harm Our Troops And Seniors.

Bill Cassidy Claimed That He Worried A Shutdown Could Be Used To “Deny Resources To Troops” And  “Cut Off Benefits To Seniors.” “Senate Democrats who hope for and celebrate a government shutdown with this website ignore the fact that President Obama could use a shutdown to deny resources to troops, cut off benefits to seniors and fulfill his mission of shutting down the oil and gas industry. If he instructs the Department of Interior to stop inspections, it would effectively cause another moratorium, hurting Louisiana families and businesses. I ask Harry Reid to respect these families and take down this site.” [Representative Bill Cassidy Press Release, 9/19/13]

CHASER: Bill Cassidy Voted Against Legislation That Would Specifically Protect Seniors And Our Soldiers In The Event Of The Shutdown His Vote Would Lead To.

9/20/13: Bill Cassidy Voted No On A Motion To Add Language To The Continuing Resolution To Protect Medicare, Social Security, And Funding For Our Soldiers In The Event Of A Shutdown. [House Joint Resolution 59, Vote 477, 9/20/13, Failed 190 Y – 228 N]

The Motion Funded Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, And The Veterans Administration Through September 30, 2014. “SEC. 137. Notwithstanding section 106, appropriations and funds made available and authority granted pursuant to this joint resolution for the following accounts shall remain available until September 30, 2014:  (1) ‘Social Security Administration—Limitation on Administrative Expenses’.  (2) ‘Department of Health and Human Services—Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services— Program Management’. (3) ‘Department of Veterans Affairs—Departmental Administration—General Operating Expenses, Veterans Benefits Administration’.” [Motion To Recommit For House Joint Resolution 59, filed 9/20/13]