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Riser Campaign Desperate to Hide from His Record of Supporting Jindal’s Agenda

Riser Campaign Calls Law Enforcement to Move Grassroots Activists from Public Property During Pineville Meet-and-Greet

PINEVILLE — As early voting in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District opens tomorrow, the campaign of Republican candidate Neil Riser is resorting to desperate tactics, calling law enforcement to move grassroots activists from public property outside where he was conducting a so-called “meet-and-greet” with voters in Pineville last evening.

“The local activists were a group of citizens who have concerns about Riser’s record in the legislature of supporting Jindal’s cuts to heath care and education,” said Kirstin Alvanitakis, communications director for the Louisiana Democratic Party. “I guess that critique hit a little too close to home because Riser’s campaign contacted local police to ask the activists to move away from the entrance to the community center. No one was blocking the entrance; they were merely holding signs that Riser apparently didn’t like.

“Undeterred, the activists took their signs and moved to an area next to a busy highway, where they got many appreciative honks from the people of Pineville, who obviously do not support the Jindal agenda or Riser’s campaign.”