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Statement On Bill Cassidy’s Political Charade On Health Care Reform


New Orleans, Louisiana – Campaign for Louisiana Communications Director Andrew Zucker released the following statement today regarding Bill Cassidy’s political charade on health care reform:

“The only political charade today is Bill Cassidy’s inexplicable 180 when it comes to health care reform. Bill Cassidy authored the statewide equivalent of Obamacare when he was a state legislator, but as a candidate for U.S. Senate he shut down the government in order to prevent those same reforms from being implemented. If Bill Cassidy had his way, the government would still be shut down, the economy would have plummeted into default and we’d have done nothing to improve prospects for millions to access quality affordable health insurance. Bill Cassidy’s laughable, calculated reversal on health care reform is the real political charade, and yet another reason why Louisianians simply cannot trust him to fight for them in the Senate.”