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Waiting for Vitter? Vitter Contemplating Whether He Will Bring D.C. Shutdown Politics to Louisiana

Vitter’s Senate Record of Obstruction Has Placed His Own Agenda Ahead of Louisiana’s Priorities

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana’s political class is anxiously waiting for word from Sen. David Vitter whether he will run for governor, but voters that oppose D.C.-style shutdown politics are less enthusiastic, given Vitter’s record of obstructing legislation critical to Louisiana and shutting down the Senate to advance his own personal agenda.

“If you liked the GOP shutdown last fall, you will love the idea of David Vitter as governor,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “Vitter as governor would mean more of the shutdown-style politics that Republicans have perfected in D.C., and there has been no bigger obstructionist in the U.S. Senate than David Vitter.”

Vitter’s record of obstruction includes the following:

“David Vitter cares about one person and one person only — and that’s David Vitter,” said Handwerk. “He has consistently placed his own political agenda ahead of what’s best for Louisiana, and in the case of the government shutdown, it cost our economy tens of millions of dollars.”

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