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Louisiana Democratic Party Statement on Jindal Hospital Deals Being Rejected

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Democratic Party today released the following statement from Chair Karen Carter Peterson in response to the federal government’s decision to reject the Jindal administration’s hospital privatization plans:

“I wish I could say that today’s announcement that our governor’s hospital privatization schemes failed to win approval was a surprise, but it was not. Legislative Democrats have been warning for years that the deals weren’t worth the paper – in some cases blank paper – they were printed on. Moving forward without federal approval was gross negligence on the part of the Jindal administration, and their admission during hearings that they had no Plan B for funding our charity and university hospitals was the height of irresponsibility. Workers have lost their jobs, their benefits and their retirement. Families are hurting. If Jindal were a doctor and not a governor, the people of Louisiana would be suing for malpractice.”