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Louisiana Democratic Party Releases New Video: “Jindalbuster”

Jindal Scheduled to Speak at Republican Leadership Conference Tonight, While Louisiana Legislature Debates Key Issues Before Session Concludes Monday

BATON ROUGE — As Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal prepares to speak at the Republican Leadership Conference tonight in New Orleans, the Louisiana Democratic Party released a new video lampooning the governor’s “Jindalbustering” of reporter Tyler Bridges on questions that he has abandoned his GOP allies in the legislature and ignored his gubernatorial responsibilities.

“It’s not surprising this governor doesn’t want to answer questions about his performance as governor — even though it’s Jindal’s fellow Republicans who are raising those questions,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “Jindal can filibuster all he wants, but the facts are this — his budgets have been fiscally irresponsible, he has slashed higher education by more than any other governor in the nation, and Louisiana ranks at or near the bottom for education attainment, health care and poverty. This legislative session has done nothing to address those issues. Despite Jindal’s protestations to the contrary, it hasn’t been ‘a great session for the people of Louisiana.’ It’s been a disaster.”

Watch the video:

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