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Bill Cassidy Won’t Answer Questions on College Affordability, Medicare, Social Security, Flat Tax

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Louisiana Voters Left With More Questions Than Answers As Cassidy Ducks Reporters’ Questions

BATON ROUGE — Congressman Bill Cassidy has been ducking reporters’ questions on major issues throughout his time on the campaign trail, and this week he’s declining to say whether he supports Sen. Mary Landrieu’s Passport to the Middle Class proposal, which would help make college more affordable for Louisiana families.

“Senator Landrieu’s work in the Senate has been and always is focused on making the American Dream affordable for middle-class families,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “The Passport to the Middle Class plan would help more young Louisianians attend college, but apparently Bill Cassidy can’t be bothered to say whether he thinks that’s a good idea or not. He really should take the time to care, considering Louisiana is ranked 49th in the nation for college attainment.”

The Passport to the Middle Class proposal would not only increase the maximum Pell Grant award amount, but it would also allow students to refinance at the current loan rate, saving borrowers thousands of dollars over the life of their loans.

Cassidy’s penchant for refusing to respond is becoming a problem for the three-term congressman. Cassidy has also failed to explain his votes to increase the retirement age to 70 for Social Security and Medicare. Last year after publicly endorsing a flat-tax plan to “abolish the IRS,” Cassidy clammed up, saying he would respond after he “researched that more.”

“The voters of Louisiana deserve answers from someone who is running to represent them,” said Handwerk. “Louisiana voters just can’t trust Cassidy because he refuses to answer simple questions about some of the biggest issues facing Louisiana families.”


When Contacted By The Daily Advertiser, Cassidy Did Not Respond Whether He Supported Landrieu’s Passport To The Middle Class. “Senator race contenders Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, and Rob Maness, a Tea Party challenger from Madisonville, did not return The Advertiser’s calls and emails concerning the initiative.” [The Daily Advertiser, 6/4/14]

Louisiana Ranked 49th For Higher Education Attainment. With 27.9% of the state’s 2.4 million adults aged 25 to 64 holding a two- or four-year degree, Louisiana is ranked 49th in the nation for its share of residents having completed some form of higher education. [Baton Rouge Business Report, 6/14/13]

2014: Cassidy Voted For The FY 2015 Republican Study Committee Budget. [H.Con.Res. 96, Vote #175, 4/10/14]

The FY 2015 RSC Budget Raised The Retirement Age For Social Security To 70. “This budget would slowly phase in an increase in the Social Security full-retirement age. The full retirement age would continue the current-law’s gradual increase of two months per year beginning in 2022 until the full retirement age reaches 70.” [The FY 2015 RSC Budget, accessed 4/9/14]

2013: Cassidy Voted For The FY 2014 Republican Study Committee Budget.  [H.Con.Res. 25, Vote #86, 3/20/13]

The FY 2014 RSC Budget Increased The Medicare Retirement Age To 70. “To address the increased demands on Medicare, this budget proposes raising the age of Medicare eligibility, beginning in 2024, by two months every year beginning with those born in 1959 until the eligibility age reaches 70, bringing Medicare eligibility in parity with Social Security.” [Republican Study Committee FY 2014 Budget, accessed 5/10/13]

June 2013: Cassidy Told The Advocate That He Would Make A Statement On The Flat Tax  “When I’ve Researched That More.” “Cassidy is more mum though on the flat tax issue though. ‘My statement is not predicated on that (flat tax) debate,’ Cassidy said. ‘I will make a statement on that when I’ve researched that more.’”  [The Advocate, 6/9/13]