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Louisiana Democratic Party Statement on Vitter’s Appearance at Baton Rouge Press Club

BATON ROUGE — The least effective member of the U.S. Senate, David Vitter spoke at the Baton Rouge Press Club today and admitted he still needed to do more “homework” on issues like the state budget, Common Core and the levee board lawsuit.

“Our junior senator took some shots at the governor for campaigning for higher office, but he’s doing the same thing — ignoring his current job, as he positions himself to run for another gig,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson. “David Vitter is Exhibit A of why Washington doesn’t work — he voted to shut down the government, and he’s held up important legislation time and time again.

“On the issue of Medicaid expansion, we welcome the senator to the conversation about covering more than 240,000 uninsured Louisianians. It’s a shame that he waited until after session to make his opinions known — his voice would have been a welcome one during Senator Ben Nevers’ committee hearing on his constitutional amendment. Just as he’s been working the phones for Congressman Scalise’s leadership run, we hope he’s been working the phones on this issue, too. If he’s truly serious, we hope he will urge the governor and his legislative allies to call a special session to expand access to affordable health care.”

“Ultimately, Louisianians need a governor that is ready to do the job now, someone who has been fighting back against the devastating policies of our current governor, not someone who still needs to do his ‘homework.’”

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