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Gov. Bobby Jindal Continues Beltway Schmooze Fest with Speech at American Enterprise Institute

BATON ROUGE — Even though his own constituents — by a 68-20 percent margin — think he should not run for president, Gov. Bobby Jindal is continuing to court D.C. insiders and Beltway pundits with today’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute, where Jindal doubled down on the same failed foreign policy of the Bush Administration.

“This governor has been an abject failure on nearly every policy he has tried to implement, and the people of Louisiana can’t wait for him to leave the governor’s mansion,” said Karen Carter Peterson, chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “The irony of him offering foreign policy advice is astounding. From what I can tell, he wants to take us back to the Bush-Cheney doctrine of endless wars put on a credit card, saddling future generations with debt and deficits. The taxpayers of Louisiana are well-acquainted with Jindal’s fiscal irresponsibility, and today’s speech is simply more of the same.”

Some of Jindal’s latest and greatest in-state achievements include: