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Rand Paul Takes Break from Vaccine Denialism to Endorse David Vitter for Governor

Rand: “The people of Louisiana deserve a governor like David Vitter”

BATON ROUGE — David Vitter got an endorsement today from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who said last week that most vaccines should be “voluntary” and that he knew of children who developed “profound mental disorders” after being vaccinated.

“David Vitter must be truly desperate for support in his incipient gubernatorial campaign if he’s dragging out an endorsement from Rand Paul — a doctor that touts fake science,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Paul’s record is full of even more bizarre statements and stances, like suggesting business owners should have the right to discriminate based on race and voting against the Violence Against Women Act. By embracing Paul, Vitter is embracing this troubling record of extremism. Rand Paul is wrong — Louisiana voters deserve better than David Vitter.”

In an email today to Vitter supporters, Paul wrote, “I know that the people of Louisiana deserve a governor like David Vitter…. Throughout his time in the Senate, David Vitter has listened to the needs of the people of Louisiana and has been a strong advocate of Louisiana values.”

Here’s just a sampling of Paul’s dangerous record:

In 2010 Paul told the Louisville Courier-Journal’s editorial board that owners of private business should not have to abide by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 — landmark legislation that desegregated housing, hotels and restaurants across the country.

Paul also opposes the Violence Against Women Act and theorizes the law is unconstitutional.

Last year Paul and Vitter both voted to block equal pay legislation — despite the fact that Louisiana is ranked dead last for pay equity.

“Paul and Vitter think it’s okay to pay a woman less for doing the same job as her male colleagues, but that is the exact opposite of ‘Louisiana values,’” said Handwerk. “Louisiana women earn just 66 cents on the dollar, and we need a governor who will work to address this inequity, not stand in the way of progress. Rand Paul’s endorsement shows that Vitter is the wrong choice for Louisiana families.”