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Democratic State Central Committee Announces Endorsements for Governor and Secretary of State Candidates

Edwards and Tyson Will Put Louisiana’s Middle-Class Families First

Baton Rouge, La – The Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) was proud to announce the endorsements of Rep. John Bel Edwards for governor and Prof. Chris Tyson for secretary of state at a Saturday meeting at the State Capitol. Both endorsements were made in accordance with the rules and bylaws of the DSCC.

“Louisiana Democrats are proud to support two candidates who are committed to helping working people in our state,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson. “Representative Edwards is a leader who will be ready on day one to make sure that families can to earn a living wage and that every child has access to quality health care and a good education. Professor Tyson will turn the page on the current secretary of state’s outdated practices and bring innovation to the business-government relationship. He will ensure that every Louisianian has a voice at the ballot box. Our candidates will turn back the repercussions of Bobby Jindal’s failed leadership.”

The DSCC also endorsed resolutions on the following issues:

Fair housing and employment so that individuals will not face discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or identity

  • Prevention of mass incarceration
  • Raising the minimum wage
  • Preserving retirement benefits
  • Equal pay for equal work of Louisiana’s workers
  • Medicaid expansion
  • Restoring funding for higher education
  • Restoring funding to agencies that support domestic violence victims
  • Adding a right-to-vote amendment to the U.S. Constitution