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Jindal and the GOP’s Priorities: Not for Louisiana

The week before Louisiana’s legislative session starts, Gov. Bobby Jindal is traveling out-of-state again on the taxpayers’ dime, even though there are clearly more pressing issues to address at home.

Like the $1.6 billion budget hole he created that has already caused a lot of doom and gloom in drastic cuts to higher education and health care.

 We all know that the cuts will keep on coming under Republican leadership. It’s just a question of how many millions they want to take away from our college students and people who are sick.


We don’t need leaders who seek approval from special interests like Grover Norquist before doing their jobs.


We need elected officials who will put Louisiana first, who have the courage to raise the minimum wage, vote for equal pay for women, expand Medicaid and protect higher education.

Democrats have been fighting for these core values and will continue to do so in the upcoming legislative session. 

But the GOP will just keep kicking the can down the road.


To them, why change course? This year is just another one of false promises to get through the fall election.