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BATON ROUGE — Two sitting Republican governors, both flirting with the media and laying the groundwork for doomed presidential campaigns, both running from their records at home while they pretend to run for president. Two failed GOP leaders with abysmal approval ratings in their home states, stumping for higher office while ignoring the budget nightmares their policies created.

The key difference as far as Sen. David Vitter is concerned is that Gov. Chris Christie is able to raise money for him, and Gov. Bobby Jindal is not. For the families of Louisiana who have felt the pain of the GOP budget disaster and seen the results of the failed Republican policies that brought us to this point, there is even less of a distinction. Vitter will ally himself with any out-of-state interest that can help fill his campaign coffers, just like Bobby Jindal. And just like Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie, David Vitter’s only discernible governing principle is what will help get him elected— not what will help the taxpayers that elected him.

“David Vitter has been in the senate for ten years, with nothing to show for it but obstructionism and failure. It’s no surprise that he’s embracing Gov. Christie, whose failures in New Jersey mirror the GOP budget disaster here in Louisiana,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “For GOP politicians like Vitter, Jindal and Christie, there’s no distinction when it comes to how their broken policies have hurt their constituents and failed their state.”