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BATON ROUGE – New poll data released yesterday by Southern Media and Opinion Research found Gov. Bobby Jindal at an all-time low, just in time for his next trip to stump for president in Iowa. Meanwhile, the Republican running to be Jindal’s successor, Sen. David Vitter, continues to spin his wheels in Washington, wasting time and burning bridges in the Capitol while Louisiana taxpayers struggle back home. With fellow Republicans calling out Vitter’s “disingenuous” time-wasting schemes and pointing out his lack of accomplishments, he may soon join Jindal at the bottom of voter approval rankings as well.

Even Republican voters are beginning to wake up to the disastrous impact of the failed policies Jindal and Vitter continue to push on taxpayers. The new report notes explicitly that after falling seven points to a negative job rating of nearly 65 percent: “Jindal’s latest decline comes primarily from his Republican base.” GOP lawmakers have likewise soured on Jindal’s would-be heir apparent. Both men have made a habit of ignoring or abusing the offices they hold, while in pursuit of the next, higher office they seek— always at the expense of the taxpayers whom they were elected to serve.

“We all know why David’s doing this,” said at least one senior Republican senator, expressing the cynicism and the frustration Vitter inspires even among his Washington colleagues.

“David Vitter has put the same kind of time and care into representing Louisiana families in the U.S. Senate that Gov. Jindal has put into being governor— with the same disastrous results for taxpayers,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Neither of them have anything to show for all their wasted time and effort but failed policies and campaigns of vanity. Louisiana voters deserve more than that. They deserve better leaders, and better statesmen. Vitter and Jindal are cut from the same cloth, and neither one of them qualifies.”