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NEW ORLEANS–Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker is in New Orleans today, trying to hide from the financial disaster he created at home, and campaigning for president far from the taxpayers who elected him. Louisiana families are all too familiar with that old trick thanks to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s vanity campaign, but what’s even worse is the shared record of failure for middle-class families that Walker shares with Jindal and Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne. Walker, Jindal and Dardenne have repeatedly embraced the same failed policies and the same cynical attacks on working people that have delivered miserable results for the people of Louisiana and Wisconsin.

Scott Walker and Jay Dardenne have been dismissive of having a minimum wage in place to protect working families. “I don’t think it serves a purpose,” Walker has said. And Dardenne concurs in principle, but is characteristically eager to pass the buck. He told listeners at a small business forum last month: “It should not be a state issue. We don’t need the state to get in the business of the minimum wage.”

“Scott Walker brought Washington divisiveness and dysfunction to Wisconsin – and we don’t need any of that here in Louisiana. Just like Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker is trying to run from his record of hurting the hardworking families of his state while he tries to run for office,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “And just like Bobby Jindal’s would-be successor, Jay Dardenne, Scott Walker is completely out of touch with the economic realities Louisiana families struggle with every day and would hurt our middle-class families. Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and Jay Dardenne have the wrong priorities for Louisiana.”