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Angelle Shares Responsibility for Jindal’s Failures, Refuses to Lead

BATON ROUGE – Attempting to speak with media outlets regarding the $1.6 billion deficit his failed GOP policies created, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s appointee and former protégée Scott Angelle offered baffling, incoherent policy proposals. Rebutting an assertion that no one made, Angelle insisted we cannot blame Texas or Arkansas for the budget crisis. He went on to suggest that a powerful executive branch was at the core of what’s wrong with state government.

Angelle’s assessment willfully ignores his own record, and the actual source of our state’s budgetary nightmare. As Jindal’s top lobbyist in the Legislature, Scott Angelle is intimately familiar with exactly how the sausage gets made, and personally responsible for the disastrous financial mismanagement that decimated our state’s finances.

The disparity between Angelle’s campaign and Angelle’s record doesn’t stop there. In his new television ad, he attempts to paint himself as a champion for women— despite remaining silent and submissive as his GOP colleagues killed two bills in the legislature that would have mandated equal pay for equal work. His inaction is understandable in light of his stance on a having a weak executive— which is exactly what Louisiana voters would get under a Scott Angelle administration: “Jindal light.”

“Of course we agree with Commissioner Angelle that the Governor’s office doesn’t have a monopoly on all the answers, but we do expect our next Governor to have some answers,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Right now, Angelle is failing that test miserably.”