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Edwards Leads 2 New Polls, Tops Ticket of Strong LA Dems

BATON ROUGE – Following the release yesterday of two new statewide polls that show Rep. John Bel Edwards pulling ahead in the race for governor, the Louisiana Democratic Party announced their latest endorsements for this fall’s elections. Edwards now tops a ticket of strong Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and the polls show him in a position to beat any of his three major opponents — with growing support across the state.

In a likely runoff with Sen. David Vitter, whose obscene fundraising operation faltered in the most recent reporting period, John Bel Edwards has taken a commanding lead in the Public Policy Polling data, beating Vitter 50-38 percent in a head-to-head. None of the other candidates in the race have as clear a path to victory over Vitter in the expected run-off. Other statewide candidates newly endorsed by the party, including Geri Broussard Baloney for Attorney General and Charlotte McDaniel McGehee for Comissioner of Insurance, stand to benefit from the growing tide of support for Edwards and his determination to put Louisiana first.

“New polls are coming out every day that are reflecting the reality we’re seeing on the ground: Louisiana families are tired of the same old Republican policies that have failed our state for seven years,” said Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “John Bel Edwards is winning the race for governor because people want a leader who will put Louisiana first again. And he tops a ticket with 951 fellow Democrats ready to do the same.”