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Louisiana Republicans Reject Vitter, in Their Own Words

BATON ROUGE – Impotent in Washington and unloved at home, embattled Sen. David Vitter limped into the gubernatorial run-off dogged by intra-party mudslinging and grave doubts about his character. Fellow Republicans, including his opponents Jay Dardenne and Scott Angelle, raised substantive concerns about Vitter’s integrity and his lack of accountability. As the race moves into the run-off phase, prominent Republican leaders from across Louisiana have spoken out against the scandal-plagued campaign, and warned voters against supporting a career politician with so little to show for his thirteen years in Washington.

  • Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne said of Vitter: “He’s cheated, he’s lied, and now he’s been caught spying. We’re no stranger to political corruption, but they usually wait until after they’re elected to betray our trust.”
  • Scott Angelle: “There is a shadow that has been castover Sen. Vitter, a shadow that if it continues, will follow Louisiana. When that follows Louisiana, it hurts our ability to create jobs. It hurts our ability to grow our economy. We can’t have a cavalier attitude about this.”
  • Earlier in the general election, Angelle famously quipped: “I’m not running because David’s wrong on fornication, I’m running because David’s wrong on education, on medication, on transportation and on litigation.”
  • As far back as May, Jay Dardenne was saying: “You have to wonder how effective he is going to be as governor when he couldn’t get much done when he served in the State Legislature, in the House of Representatives and in the United States Senate. We don’t want to bring Washington politics to Louisiana.”
  • Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand, after an hour-long meeting with Vitter to discuss law enforcement issues, concludedthat he would be “the worst governor in the history of Louisiana.”