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David Vitter Can’t Be Trusted with Our Children’s Futures, Higher Ed

With his increasingly desperate campaign lurching through the final weeks of the gubernatorial run-off, Sen. David Vitter remains unable to reconcile his record of failure and obstructionism on education policy with a concrete plan for protecting our children’s future. Despite having taken positions on every side of the Common Core debate, Vitter has failed to articulate a clear vision for improving outcomes and protecting funding for Louisiana schools. The vague plan he has struggled to describe, frequently referred to during his limited debate appearances and available on his web site, offers no concrete solutions to the crisis facing Louisiana’s teachers and students.

Under the failed GOP policies that have devastated Louisiana’s education system, in-state tuition has grown at the fastest rate in the nation in the last five years— with tuition and fees for public, in-state education jumping 54%. At the same time, our state’s support for higher education has fallen 34%, the worst rate in the nation. David Vitter hasn’t offered solutions, only parroted partisan talking points. He has failed to lead, on this as on nearly every other vital issue facing Louisiana.

“Louisiana families can’t trust David Vitter with our children’s education, or with the future of our state,” said Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “He’s been on nearly every side of this issue depending on what was convenient for him at the time. That’s not the kind of leadership we need. It doesn’t offer our children the future and the opportunities that they deserve.”