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Louisiana Sheriffs Trust Edwards; Should They Investigate Vitter?

Members of the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association appear in a new television spot released today, highlighting their faith in Rep. John Bel Edwards and his commitment to keeping Louisiana families safe. In the ad, running statewide on broadcast and cable networks, sheriffs from across the political spectrum push back against David Vitter’s discredited attack ads. The sheriffs commend John Bel Edwards for his commitment to putting public safety above politics, and call out Vitter for his irresponsibility and recklessness.

The Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association’s support of John Bel stands in stark contrast to the legal questions which continue to surround Senator Vitter, who on September 14th, during a candidate forum, was either unable or unwilling to deny he violated Title 14 under Louisiana statutes as an elected official. Vitter was unable to deny legal wrong-doing, limply offering “I don’t know exactly what it [Title 14] says.”

“Senator Vitter has been a lawyer in Louisiana for more than two decades. When he says he doesn’t know what Title 14 under the Louisiana code is, he’s either a very poor lawyer, or someone with something to hide,” said Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, Chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Law enforcement clearly trusts John Bel Edwards, and I think it is a fair question whether the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association should be investigating Senator Vitter.”