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“Friday, I’m in Love”: Senator David Vitter Edition

In honor of The Cure’s iconic song, “Friday, I’m in Love,” the Louisiana Democratic Party released a list of things Senator David Vitter loves:

  • “Very Serious Sin”: Senator Vitter has spent years repeating his oft-mocked line that he committed a “very serious sin.” He must really love “Very Serious Sin” to talk about it so often – instead of telling Louisianians the truth.

  • ‘The World’s Oldest Profession’: Vitter’s support of women working in the world’s oldest profession – from the floor of Congress to Canal Street in New Orleans – is his most widely known, defining love. He’s a man with nearly universal name recognition, most of it bound up with one lurid allegation after another.

  • Pay-to-Play Schemes: Vitter clearly appreciates a good financial transaction and so does his campaign. Before the primary election was even finished, his lobbyist pals were already leaning hard on donors to replenish his obscene fundraising accounts.