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Vitter Desperately Tries to Erase Stain

As Senator David Vitter’s campaign implodes, he desperately attempted to erase a decade-old stain on his record but again failed to give real answers about his conduct or why Louisianians should trust him.

Vitter released a campaign ad that failed to answer questions about his conduct and did not directly address his prostitution scandals, or provide additional information regarding his missed vote to honor fallen veterans. He also failed to provide concrete answers during an appearance today at the Baton Rouge Press Club.

“Senator Vitter’s latest so-called apology falls flat. This ad is a desperate attempt to rewrite history and doesn’t answer questions about why he missed a vote to honor fallen soldiers,” said Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “We expect to hear more desperate, revisionist history from Senator Vitter during tomorrow night’s debate – but we know the truth: he failed our state.”