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Preview: Desperate Vitter Set to Continue Vicious Attacks

As Louisianians tune into tonight’s gubernatorial debate between U.S. Senator David Vitter and Rep. John Bel Edwards, they should prepare themselves for a barrage of Washington-style attacks from Vitter as he looks to continue his unbeaten streak in Louisiana elections.

Vitter, who is a 16-year veteran of the U.S. Congress and a seasoned debater, has continued his vicious campaigning in the face of a series of polls that show him down double digits. Louisiana political analysts are already predicting a brutal debate between the two candidates, including one analyst saying, “David Vitter will be fighting for his political life.That’s what makes it so compelling…

“We know that a desperate David Vitter is a dangerous David Vitter. He’s backed into a corner, and he’s not going to hold back in tonight’s debate,” said state Rep. Jack Montoucet (D-42). “Vitter’s been in Washington a long time, and while he might have been busy doing God knows what during that time, he’s definitely honed his debate skills while he’s been there. We expect a vicious fight from him tonight.”