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24 Hours of Silence from David Vitter

After a week that saw his campaign rocked by yet another wave of new allegations of illegal activities, David Vitter continues to stonewall the public, and to avoid answering questions about the web of scandal surrounding his entire operation.

In a major development, investigators from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office met yesterday with the FBI regarding the complex array of illegalities and improprieties attributed to the Vitter campaign and its operatives.

Among the many suspicious activities Vitter’s henchmen were implicated in: illegal video and audio taping of private citizens; strong-arming witnesses and manufacturing affidavits; and intimidation and harassment.

“David Vitter continues to try run out the clock on this election by alternately lying to us and ducking tough questions. Did his campaign break the law?,” said Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “The people of Louisiana deserve a straight answer to some tough questions, Senator. The voters won’t wait while you get your story straight.