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PREVIEW: Vitter to Continue Attacks & Lies Tonight

In tonight’s debate, U.S. Senator David Vitter will continue his campaign of deception by lying to voters about himself and his opponent’s record and refusing to answer questions about the potential illegality of his campaign’s scandals, many of which have arisen since the primary election.

Vitter, a career politician with over 16 years in Washington, has avoided answering tough questions from us for years, and will spend tonight’s debate spreading vicious lies about John Bel Edwards and the challenges facing our state and nation. His mud-slinging is a feeble attempt to distract from potential criminal issues with his campaign. He has thus far refused to answer the following questions about the most recent investigations:

  • Did anyone in your employ speak with the FBI, or will they be talking to the FBI, regarding the allegations raised by the JPSO?

  • Why are you, and your staff, refusing to cooperate with ongoing criminal investigations?

  • Did you or anyone in your employ break any Louisiana or federal laws during this campaign?

  • Why did private investigators employed by you deliberately try and intimidate and influence a potential witness?

“David Vitter, a career politician, has lied to us for years, the past three weeks included, and we have no reason to believe he’ll start telling voters the truth tonight,” said Rep. Gene Reynolds (D-10). “His campaign of lies and intimidation has been relentless, and Louisiana is still waiting for him to come clean.”