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BATON ROUGE – With lawmakers scrambling to address the historic budgetary shortfall left behind by former Gov. Bobby Jindal, Democratic leaders in the House pushed back hard on proposed cuts that would cut $44 million from public schools and decimate the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. HB122, sponsored by Rep. Cameron Henry, was rammed through the Appropriations Committee without a single Democratic vote.

Henry’s draconian cuts now threaten to balance the state’s broken budget on the backs of our educators and veterans. Responsible leaders from both sides of the aisle are working on bi-partisan solutions that are worthy of the people of Louisiana and equal to the severity of the crisis we face. Turning on the men and women who protect our freedoms and educate our children does them a grave disservice, and undermines our values. Henry’s assault on our veterans and teachers highlights the fundamental problems with pushing a cuts-only approach in the midst of an unprecedented budgetary crisis.

“I’m heartened by the bi-partisan effort to defend Louisiana family values from bills like Henry’s that would push the cost of Jindal’s failures onto our teachers and our veterans,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Cutting teacher pay and gutting support to men and women who risked their lives for our freedom isn’t the answer and shouldn’t even be on the table. Louisiana families and students deserve better.”