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BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Democratic Party today released a statement congratulating the entire roster of officers elected to leadership positions with the Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Committee. The full body of the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) met for the first time since electing new members during the Presidential Preference Primary on March 5th. Pursuant to the organization’s by-laws, the body convened their first organizing meeting over the weekend and elected leadership for the 2016-2020 term. In addition to re-electing Sen. Karen Carter Peterson as chair, the body elected Michael McHale as the 1st Vice Chairman. The entire roster of new officers is listed below.

McHale returns to a leadership role with the party after a one-term hiatus. He previously served as First Vice Chairman in the 2008-2012 term, when he was called up to serve for several months as acting chair. His service to the Democratic Party stretches back decades to his role as a former president of the Young Democrats of Louisiana.

“I strongly believe in the ideals of the Democratic Party and am looking forward to working with Sen. Peterson to build a stronger Party and a stronger Louisiana,” said McHale.

Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party, said: “We are honored and excited to welcome back Michael McHale as our party’s First Vice Chair. His enthusiasm, expertise and experience will be a tremendous asset to the state party as we join hands to move Louisiana forward.  That holds true for our entire slate of leaders for our 2016-2020 term.  I am excited for what this team will be able to accomplish as we continue our fight for the working men and women of this state.”


The full list of elected officers follows:

Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Committee

(2016- 2020)

Senator Karen Carter Peterson


Michael McHale

1st Vice Chair

Councilwoman Arlanda Williams

2nd Vice Chair

Senator Wesley Bishop

3rd Vice Chair

Kyle Green

4th Vice-Chairman

Deborah Langhoff

DNC Committeewoman

Arthur Morrell

DNC Committeeman

Representative Randal Gaines

Vice Chair for Elected Officials



Sean Bruno


Marjorie Esman

Legal Counsel

Irma Dixon


Aaron Delong

1st Congressional Dist.

Alicia Walker Breaux

1st Congressional Dist.

Daniel Banguel

2nd Congressional Dist.

Lisa Diggs

2nd Congressional Dist.

Jolan Jolivette

3rd Congressional Dist.

Katherine Bernhardt

3rd Congressional Dist.

Larry Paige

4th Congressional Dist.

Representative Barbara Norton

4th Congressional Dist.

Greg Richardson

5th Congressional Dist.

Bambi Polotzola

5th Congressional Dist.

Kirk Green

6th Congressional Dist.

Jennifer Andrews

6th Congressional Dist.