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BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Democratic Party today announced the results of elections for district level delegates to this year’s presidential nominating convention in Philadelphia. The winning candidates, who will comprise our state party’s delegation to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, are listed below by congressional district according to the candidate they will be supporting.


1st Congressional District

Clinton, male: Tom Anderson

Clinton, female: Lila Tritico Hogan

Sanders, male: David F. Easley

Sanders, female: Gilda Werner Reed


2nd Congressional District

Clinton, male: Troy C. Carter Sr., Jared C. Brossett, Walt Leger

Clinton, female: Diana E. Bajoie, Cynthia Hedge Morrell, Felicia Kahn

Sanders, male: Preston J. Edwards, Sr.

Sanders, female: Keisha Lewis*

*There was a tie for this race, winner determined by official coin toss in keeping with tradition and LDP rules governing delegate elections.


3rd Congressional District

Clinton, male: Charles Bennett

Clinton, female: Sheryl Romero Abshire and Carla Webb Clark

Sanders, male: Zachary Bertrand Edwards

Sanders, female: Theresa Rohloff


4th Congressional District

Clinton, male: Bernie Woods, Sr., Roy Burrell

Clinton, female: Terika Williams-Walker, Barbara Norton

Sanders, male: Ryan Trundle


5th Congressional District

Clinton, male: Marcus Hunter, Rodney McFarland, Sr., Ronnie Lamar Traylor

Clinton, female: Katrina Jackson, Charla Nicole Burns

Sanders, female: Chelsea Gravel


6th Congressional District

Clinton, male: Michael Bernhard, Randal L. Gaines

Clinton, female: Patricia Haynes Smith, Sheila D. Lewis, Ph.D.

Sanders, male: Mike Drey


Full Election Results Here

Results are not final until they are certified.