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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Wasting Taxpayer Dollars On Plea For Attention

BATON ROUGE – Republican Gov. Rick Scott of Florida today announced on social media his plans to waste time and taxpayer dollars on a delusional stunt to push the same failed GOP policies Gov. Bobby Jindal inflicted on Louisiana families. While Gov. John Bel Edwards and leaders in the legislature are fighting to rebuild from the wreckage Jindal’s policies left behind, Scott and others are clinging to discredited Jindal-era tactics.

“Rick Scott is a disciple of the Jindal brand, only he is too thick to take any lessons from the devastation that brand leaves in its wake,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

“Scott isn’t in any position to tell Louisiana voters how to handle their business. He failed to deliver on the jobs he promised Florida voters, all the while slashing vital funding to education and scholarships.  These actions have consequences – the very same consequences Gov. John Bel Edwards is fighting to repair here in Louisiana.

“The Jindal nightmare is still fresh in the minds of Louisiana voters, and Scott’s pleas are falling on deaf ears. We only hope that the news of Jindal’s failed experiment here spreads in time to shut down the GOP wave of devastation elsewhere.”