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Seabaugh Mired In Hypocrisy, Unable To Defend Repeated Failure

BATON ROUGE – With nothing to show for his repeated failures in the state legislature this year, Rep. Alan Seabaugh (R- Shreveport) today took to social media with a distorted sob story that bears no resemblance to reality. Seabaugh’s bad-faith attempts to rewrite recent history and blame his own failures on others ignores his own voting record. Given more than a half-dozen opportunities to help generate badly needed funds for TOPS and the LSU medical school in Shreveport, Seabaugh put politics over people and voted “No”, every time.

While Governor John Bel Edwards and responsible leaders from across the political spectrum have worked tirelessly to address the state’s budget crisis, Alan Seabaugh has wasted his time and taxpayers’ money playing partisan games. At every opportunity, he has failed the test of leadership. When the governor and his allies put forth a plan to fully fund TOPS and LSU’s medical schools, Alan Seabaugh let petty partisanship trump his sworn duty to the people of District 5.

“Alan Seabaugh failed his district, and he failed the people of Louisiana,” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party. “Now that the consequences of his failure are becoming apparent, he’s taking the coward’s way out and trying to blame others for his own fiscal irresponsibility. The people of District 5 deserve better than the repeated failures and weak excuses Alan Seabaugh is offering.”

For additional background, see the following links to Seabaugh’s voting record:

HB 14 by Rep. Leger to raise the tax on tobacco – Seabaugh voted NO (3/3/16)

HB 62 by Rep. Jackson to raise the sales tax by a penny – Seabaugh voted against adopting the conference report (3/9/16)

HB 61 by Rep. Jay Morris to reduce sales tax exemptions on utilities and manufacturing equipment – Seabaugh voted NO to Adopt the conference committee report (3/9/16)

HB 39 by Rep. Stokes to raise the tax on rental cars – Seabaugh voted NO (2/25/16)

HB 27 by Rep. Cox to raise the tax on alcohol – Seabaugh voted NO to Concur with the Senate Amendments (3/9/16)

HB 46 by Rep James to reduce business tax credits for property tax on inventory – Seabaugh Voted NO (3/7/16)

HB 33 by Rep. Leger to adjust income tax brackets – Seabaugh Voted NO (3/7/16)