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Where is Congressman Boustany?


BATON ROUGE – Louisiana Democrats call on Congressman Boustany to explain his noticeable absence from this morning’s House Subcommittee hearing regarding the Louisiana flood.

Boustany is the longest serving member in the House from Louisiana and was the only member representing affected areas to not attend the House Governmental Oversight subcommittee. Attending the committee hearing today was Congressmen Graves, Scalise and Richmond, who like Congressman Boustany, all had portions of their districts impacted by the Flood last month. Interestingly, Boustany was able to make time to cast his vote to protect the super-wealthy via H.R. 5424 today.

“This guy wants a promotion but decided not to show up for the job he has?” Stephen Handwerk executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party said. “Where is he? Congressman, as one of your constituents I seriously want to know.”