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LAFAYETTE, LA –The Louisiana Democratic Party reacted to the CD03 debate and mailers that are hitting Democratic and African American household by Scott Angelle. Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party released this statement:

“During the LA03 Debate moderated by Jim Hummel of KATC and sponsored by UL, AOC Community Media and KATC , “Angelle frequently laments that we have too many ‘free riders’, ‘too many people riding in the cart and not pulling the cart.’ Seems extremely craven and holistically inconsistent position. After all he full throatily said in the same debate that he supports a HUGE free rider, the biggest most flamboyant free rider we have ever seen! Donald Trump, who brags that he is “too smart” to pay taxes. This Free Rider is riding in the cart made of gold and pulled by the taxpaying citizens of CD03 who deserve much better than Scott Angelle.

“Then this mailer hits. “Clearly a game is being played here by Angelle. First and foremost, the wording of the bullets favor Rader – after all more than 2/3 of voters in this state favor increasing the minimum wage. Secondly by sending this to Democratic and African American Households he is either playing a game or he is completely inept, and after the race he ran last year I’d say our chances there are 50/50. Larry Rader got into this race knowing full well he would have an uphill battle, but he knew were it not for him this could end up being a coronation and not an election. Where working people of the district will be ignored for tired right wing talking points.

“A good question for Angelle – Are you planning to file an ‘in-kind’ donation report to Larry Rader’s campaign for this mailer and the ads you are running digitally?”