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Louisiana Democratic Party’s Executive Committee unites to Endorse Campbell & Jones

Baton Rouge – The Louisiana Democratic Party’s Executive Committee met to discuss the two federal races that are proceeding to a run off and enthusiastically and unanimously voted to endorse Commissioner Foster Campbell for US Senate and Marshall Jones for the 4th Congressional District.  They have asked that the full Democratic State Central Committee to follow and are mailing ballots today.

Chair Karen Carter Peterson released the following statement on the US Senate Endorsement:

“Commissioner Foster Campbell is a lifelong champion of the working people of this state.  He is a tireless advocate for Education, teachers and especially for women.  Commission Campbell will serve this state with distinction and has always and will always put Louisiana First.

“Louisiana simply cannot afford someone like John Kennedy. He was Bobby Jindal’s biggest fan, serving as his right-hand man in the Treasurer’s office while Jindal decimated our state budget, cut higher education and closed our hospitals. And if helping Jindal bankrupt Louisiana wasn’t enough, John Kennedy even said that he and morally bankrupt David Vitter were ‘kindred spirits’. Kennedy’s own office has misspent hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars. John Kennedy is nothing more than a political weathervane that will keep pushing policies that rig the system for the wealthy and powerful. We deserve someone who will fight for us, not themselves. We must elect Foster Campbell.”

Chair Karen Carter Peterson released the following statement on the 4th CD Endorsement:

“Marshall Jones has shown he is an independent and fair minded business man who has offered himself up for service.  Marshall’s values have been shaped by his faith and closely align with the great people of the 4th Congressional District.  We are confident as voters get to know Marshall they will see a man committed to representing the entire congressional district and making sure their voices are represented in Congress.

“On the other hand, Representative Mike Johnson has made a career of putting hate and bias at the top of his list, earning a living from the taxpayers by catering to a small few special interests.  Since being elected he has little to show for the representation of his district.  If he can’t deliver for you in Baton Rouge, why in the world would we expect different from him in Washington D.C.?  Voters in the 4th Congressional district pay a lot in taxes and they deserve to have someone fighting to bring those taxes back home rather than go into a pay check for Mike Johnson.

“Voters will have a choice December 10th, and we are confident that Marshall Jones will earn their votes.”


Background:  The Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Committee are elected officers of the party and represent the full DSCC.  Given the short time-frame in this election cycle it was their decision to proceed in this manner.  DSCC Member ballots will arrive beginning today and will have until next Friday, November 18, 2016 to return them.  This method has been used several times in the past – especially when our run off straddles Thanksgiving.