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Congressman Richmond Elected As Congressional Black Caucus Chair

Louisiana Democrats congratulate and support Richmond

BATON ROUGE, LA – The Louisiana Democratic Party congratulates Congressman Cedric Richmond as yesterday, members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted to elect him as their new chair.

The Congressional Black Caucus is a pivotal and prominent force in the US House of Representatives, advocating for African-Americans and influencing the Democratic Party agenda. With almost 50 members, Richmond will preside over the largest Congressional Black Caucus in history. Richmond has said he wants to “advance criminal justice reform, improve economic opportunities for the disadvantaged, and protect voting rights” as caucus chair.

“This is a huge win for Louisiana,” Senator Karen Carter Peterson, Chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party, said. “In this new position, Congressman Richmond will now have an expanded role in shaping important plans and policies. Louisiana just got a bigger seat at the table at this most critical time in our country’s history, and if I know Congressman Richmond, he’ll be sure to stand up for our issues and make our voices heard. I couldn’t be prouder of him — my only regret about his election is that this will mean less time for us to go fishing.”

“We’re very excited for Congressman Richmond,” Stephen Handwerk, Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, said. “He’s one of the hardest working men I know. There’s no higher honor than to be elected by your peers. We here at the Louisiana Democratic Party are looking forward to working with him and seeing him thrive in this new role.”

Richmond has represented Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district since first elected in 2010.