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UPDATED: Democratic State Central Committee Endorsed Candidates and Passed Four Resolutions

August 20, 2018
Contact:  Allyson Sanders  225-336-4155

Baton Rouge, LA – Saturday, the Louisiana Democratic Party voted to endorse Democratic candidates for Congress and Secretary of State as well as passed four important resolutions.

Here is the full list of endorsements the Louisiana Democratic Party has made this year, all of which were passed at this meeting except for Congressman Richmond who was given an early endorsement in March.

  • Renee Fontenot Free for Secretary of State.
  • Tammy Savoie for the 1stCongressional District.
  • Congressman Richmond for the 2nd Congressional District.
  • Mimi Methvin for the 3rdCongressional District.
  • Ryan Trundle for the 4thCongressional District.
  • Jessee Fleenor for the 5thCongressional District.
  • Justin Dewitt for the 6thCongressional District.

“I want to congratulate the candidates we endorsed today and say thank you to each Democrat who stepped up to run and asked for our endorsement,” Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Sen. Karen Carter Peterson said. “Running for office is one of the bravest things you can do, and we’re lucky to have so many strong candidates run in each Congressional district and Secretary of State race.”

The Party also passed 4 significant resolutions

  1. Full support of the passage of the Constitutional Amendment before Voters requiring unanimous Jury Verdicts.
  2. Condemnation & Call for re-unification for families that have been separated at the border.
  3. Honoring the life and work of Ken Carter, father of Chair Karen Carter Peterson
  4. Honoring the life and work of Felicia Kahn

“Separating children from their parent as infants is reprehensible and never needed to happen – this must be solved.  Our members also unanimously passed a resolution supporting the work of Senator JP Morrell and many others calling on voters to pass the constitutional amendment that requires unanimous jury verdicts” said Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

“The committee also paused to recognize the loss of two pioneers of our party and of our state.  Ken Carter and Felicia Kahn will be missed more that words can state, but their legacy and teachings will endure and shape future generations.”




Renee Fontenot Free played a key role in merging the Secretary of State’s office with the Department of Elections. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Renee was instrumental in rebuilding our election system from the ground up. Her entire career has prepared her to do this job, and she is the only candidate who can credibly claim that politics will never play a part in a Secretary of State’s office under her leadership.

Tammy Savoie is a decorated Air Force veteran and clinical psychologist. Tammy will work across the aisle to increase access to affordable health care, support mothers and children, stand up for veterans, and get our economy working for all families.

Mimi Methvin has 28 years experience as a federal and state judge with a track record as a successful attorney and mediator. Mimi supports universal health coverage, public education, and developing new methods of clean-energy technology.

Jessee Fleenor is a new type of Democrat. One who is unafraid to stand up to special interests and a local farmer and father who believes the common American family is at the heart of what makes this country so great. When elected, Jessee wants to focus on reconciliation, universal healthcare, environmental realism, and increased funding for educators.

Justin Dewitt has worked for a land surveying company for over a decade. After the 2016 flood, Justin decided it was time to run for office to stand up for the average working people of Louisiana – like himself. Justin refuses to have a PAC or take any corporate money.

Download Resolutions: Final Resolutions Packet