April 1, 2019
Contact: Kaleb Harmon

RELEASE: Louisiana Democratic Party Replaces Donkey and Reveals New Mascot

BATON ROUGE, LA – On Monday, the Louisiana Democratic Party announced their new mascot Amite the Democrawfish. Amite will replace the donkey which has served as the Louisiana Democratic Party’s mascot since the party’s founding in 1828. Amite is a roughly six-inch long crawfish with a thick cajun accent and a dedication to Democratic beliefs and values. Amite is best known for being the inspiration behind Elvis Presley’s hit song “Crawfish” and having an uncredited consulting role in the movie “Waterboy”.

“Amite is a way to make ourselves better reflect the people we represent,” Stephen Handwerk, Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director said. “Amite stands for everything Louisiana embodies: toughness, resiliency, community-oriented, well-seasoned. From the Atchafalaya Basin to the hundreds of bayous scattered around our state, crawfish are truly a cornerstone of Louisiana society while also making up roughly 82% of Coach Orgeron’s diet (Geaux Tigers). Besides, when’s the last time you’ve seen a wild donkey in Louisiana?”

Louisiana makes up 90-95% of crawfish production in the US every year.

“I am extremely excited to join Team LDP as we work together to advocate for Democrawtic values across Louisiana,” Amite the Democrawfish said in a statement following the inaugural ceremony. “The Crawfish Democratic Party has been pushing for the same platforms in our neck of the pond. Equal pay for equal work, teacher salary and minimum wage increases, Medicaid expansion, coastal protection, economic stability, education funding. I may be a little shellfish but our values and beliefs are not. These are policies that can truly help every citizen and crustacean throughout our state and I’m so excited to work on advancing them all throughout Louisiana.”